A Melaleuca (i.e tea-tree) honey produced in northern NSW should soon be available to US customers branded as Meluka honey.

And a hemp seed honey product may soon follow.

That’s the news coming out of a recent investor roadshow being held by the Perth based former uranium explorer – ASX listed Eve Investments.

Eve has transformed itself into a medical health products developer, with its honey foray following on an earlier move into diabetes management.

The company’s diabetes management initiative is still continuing, with a product known as GlucoSmooth, but Eve’s recent efforts appear to have been mainly around its new honey business.

Earlier this year the company announced to the Australian Stock Exchange a $1.49million investment in a northern NSW tea –tree oil producer, Jenbrook , saying that it had “confirmed US customer demand for two new product opportunities”.

Two opportunities were detailed, namely  “Medicinal cannabis honey” and “Melaleuca (Meluka) honey”.

The announcement attracted some significant media attention, and Eve has since released a number of further announcements to the ASX, including one last week (i.e. dated 9 November) saying that a related company - Medic Honey has started marketing Meluka Honey into the US.

It said that the two Meluka honey products  “are currently being presented to potential customers.”

Both are based on the melaleuca alternifolia (i.e. tea-tree) bush which grows naturally in northern NSW.  One of the Meluka honeys, however is being marketed as a “ raw medicinal honey for topical use only.”

Eve is clearly (and unashamedly) trying to cash-in on the Manuka honey boom. Tea-tree oil has well established anti-bacterial properties, so it is reasonable to assume that tea-tree honey will also have Manuka honey like anti-bacterial qualities.

Whether consumers and the market, either in the US or anywhere else, buy into that assumption in a big or small way, or not at all, only time will tell.

Certainly long-suffering Eve shareholders will be hoping that Meluka honey is a hit, as they’ve not seen anything like a profit or a dividend for many years.

That fact, of itself, would seem to cast some doubt over the likely prospects for the venture.

But on the other hand, Eve appears to have at least one significant Australian beekeeper involved in the venture, in the person of Wayne Fuller, who Eve describes as Australia’s largest producer of organic honey.

Wayne and his brother Steve manage some thousands of hives in their apiary operation near Grafton, and Eve’s announcement’s show the Fullers’ Bee Services as owning one-third of a subsidiary of the company in which Eve has a half-interest, namely Meluka honey.

The other half-owners of Meluka honey, are the tea-tree oil plantation operators – Jenbrook.

Jenbrook associated parties appear to be the operator of the US online shop that will be marketing Meluka honey to US consumers at www.napproducts.com

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