Yes, not only is she dazzlingly beautiful, and soon to be a British Royal, but Meghan Markle is now also revealed to be a manuka honey devotee.

She told the UK’s Daily Mail in January last year (i.e. 2017) that she has manuka honey with rolled oats and bee pollen for breakfast.

Its part of her anti-ageing regime and perhaps that’s part of her secret as to how she snared a younger man – Prince Harry – as her husband to be.

Certainly its important to point out that the revelation was made well before her engagement.

So it is clearly not part of some bizarre scheme to get a free manuka honey sponsorship like other US celebrities have done (Did I mention Gwynneth Paltrow, Johanssen or Kim Kardashian?).

And the Daily Mail article is also a genuine report on Meghan, with detailed and significant information about some of her other routine dietary habits.

(For example she takes at least four supplements every day.  These are said to include magnesium, B12 and multivitamin drops; a herbal, stress-reducing aid described as ‘cortisol manager’ and, occasionally, ashwagandha, a herb that apparently can “combat stress, boost the immune system and enhance sexual potency.”)

However some of the other reports being published about Meghan this week are clearly not genuine.

For example, Conde Naste’s Glamour magazine is claiming that the news about Meghans love for manuka honey was revealed when them last November.

As our research has discovered, that claim is untrue …and clearly just a pathetic excuse to publish yet more pictures of Meghan (and Harry!!).

Here at we have no need of such self-serving pretexts to publish such pictures.

Certainly, looking at this Wikipedia picture of Meghan taken in 2013, and contrasting it with the engagement announcement pictures, regular manuka honey consumption has clearly helped keep Meghan looking young and beautiful.

I’d even go so far to suggest that, given Meghans experience, manuka honey has helped her snare a younger man for a husband.