New Zealand’s Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) Honey Association has more than 100 members, and includes most of the big NZ honey producers.

So if you’re looking for a guide to the NZ industry, or looking to contact a NZ producer or vendor, this list (adapted from the list at the UMF association’s web site) is a good start point.

It is only a start point, however, because some of the big names in the NZ Manuka honey industry prefer not to put UMF rating numbers on their lables.

Significant examples are Airborne, which uses a pollen purity numbering system, the Manuka Doctor brand, which uses a Total Activity (TA) number, and one of the biggest brands in the USA market – Wedderspoon.

It is worth noting, as well, that some of the companies on the list are British, Australian or Japanese, rather than local or NZ producers of NZ Manuka honey.

100% Pure New Zealand Honey Limited


A2 Milk Company Limited


Alpine Silk


ApiHealth NZ Ltd


Arataki Honey Limited (Hawkes Bay)


Arataki Honey Limited (Rotorua)


Aulando NZ Ltd


Bee Nation


Bee Plus Manuka Honey


BeeNZ Ltd


BeePower International Pty Ltd


Bees Inn Apiaries


Beesonline Limited


Biohealth Ltd


Cammell’s Honey Limited


Carina Brands International (NZ)


CATALO Natural Health Foods Ltd


Comvita New Zealand Limited


Deep Blue Health NZ Ltd


Egmont Honey


Forest Gold Honey Ltd


Furuuchi Kamejiro Shoten Co Ltd


GO Healthy New Zealand Ltd


Golden Flow Apiaries Limited


Golden Growth Manuka Honey Ltd


Good Health Products


Haines Apiaries 2007 Limited


Happy Valley Honey Ltd


Health King


Honey and Herbs NZ Ltd


Honey Droplet


Honey Farm Pte Ltd


Honey Forrest NZ Ltd


Honey New Zealand (International) Ltd


Icing International Ltd


Iuvenum & Forma Ltd


Ka Noa Honey


Kaimai Gold


Kare Ltd


Katikati Honey & Bee Centre Limited



Kiva Health Food


KiwiCorp Products Ltd


Kiwigold Ltd


Koha Natural Foods Ltd




Lake View Honey Ltd


Ling Hai Group Ltd


LS Health Ltd


M5 Holdings Ltd trading as Whakaari International


Mana Kai Ltd


Manuka Health New Zealand Limited


Manuka Honey NZ


Manuka Honey USA




Melita Honey Ltd


Melora Limited


Midlands Apiaries Ltd


Milk New Zealand Dairy


Mitosis Trading LLP




Mossops Honey New Zealand


Mountain Harvest - Savage Horticulture Ltd


NAC Trading Ltd


Natural Farm Group


Natural Solutions Limited


Natural Sweetness


Nectar Health Ltd


New Zealand Dairy and Food Group Ltd


New Zealand Health Food Company Ltd


New Zealand Honey Producers Co-operative Ltd


New Zealand Honey Specialties Ltd


New Zealand Manuka Limited


New Zealand Natural Care Products Ltd


Ngati Apiaries Ltd


North Valley Natural Health NZ Ltd


NZ Bees Ltd


NZ Focus NZ Ltd


NZ Gold Health Ltd


NZ Health Naturally Ltd


Obeca Group Ltd


Onuku Ltd


Oravida NZ Ltd


Steens Ltd


Pouatu Honey Ltd


Prolife Foods Ltd (Haddrell’s of Cambridge)


Pure Manuka Honey (Three Peaks)


Pure New Zealand Products Ltd


RBK Nutraceuticals


Red Seal Natural Health Ltd


S&N International Pte Ltd


Savage Horticulture Ltd


Streamland Biological Technology Ltd


SummerGlow Apiaries Limited


Superbee Honey Factory


Swift Health Food (Singapore) Pte Ltd


Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd


Tahi Estate Ltd


Tai Tokerau Honey Ltd


Taku Honey


Taylor Pass Honey Co


The Honey Collection Limited


Turners Global Marketing (NZ) Limited


Unibale NZ Ltd


Vitaco Health NZ Ltd


Vitamore Ltd


Waitemata Honey Co Limited


Wilderness Valley Ltd


Yaemea Ltd


Yobees Honey Ltd


Zero Co Ltd